Our Process

Listing/Contract Submission

Step 1:

Information is Key

Our first step is to get the high level information from you through our listing/contract submission tabs on our website!

We want to know who you are and who your clients are, as well as some quick, vital bits of information.

Our goal here is to keep the data entry you provide at a minimum.

Here is where we will obtain your login info for your compliance system as well.

Step 2:


Next, one of our transaction managers will give you a shout, primarily to match a voice to the name and photo.

Our favorite thing about this business is to create amazing relationships with our agents and team members – a coffee or lunch meeting is ALWAYS welcomed and preferred.

Step 3:

Review Paperwork and Documents

Then, we’ll look over all of the current paperwork for your listing or contract.

The main purpose here is to be sure all signatures are completed and the effective date of a contract or the effectiveness of a listing agreement is all valid and ready to go.

If anything is missing, we will consult with you to get it done so that we are able to move forward as soon as possible.  

Step 4:

Connecting the Dots

We will send out introduction emails to all parties of the transaction. If it is pre-listing, we will send an email to introduce ourselves to your sellers. All intro emails will outline who we are, and what our purpose is as your Transaction Manager. For deals under contract, there will be a breakdown of important dates and instructions for buyers or sellers.


Once the process is in place with your listing or contract, we will get started on any required checklists/paperwork required by your brokerage. We will take care of everything, including sending for signatures, providing copies to appropriate parties, and so on.

When all signatures are obtained, we will submit for approval to your administrator (whoever approves your files). If there is a Commission Request for a Disbursement Authorization, we will collaborate with you to be sure of any applicable splits, fees, etc.

Throughout the process, it is our goal at Greenhouse to cater to your work style and flow of how you would like to see things done. We want to get to know you as a team member and partner, so that we can help you grow as a professional. Communication is key, and the more we do so, the better we can perform for you and your business.